Albert M. Sheppard


The Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm is dedicated to the proud tradition of Albert M. Sheppard, and the high standards of integrity and professional client service for which he stood.

Albert M. Sheppard graduated Northwestern University Law School in 1945 at the unprecedented young age of 22.

Thereafter, he began a 50 year distinguished career as a trial lawyer, winning celebrated cases throughout the United States.

By the age of 25, Al Sheppard won the distinction of being appointed the youngest judge (Master in Chancery) in the State of Illinois.

As a litigator in the courtroom, Al Sheppard was highly acclaimed for his oratory skills and his compassion, eloquence and persuasion before juries and judges alike.

Al Sheppard tried over a thousand cases during his 50 year career, earning him the deserved reputation of a "fighting, impassioned trial advocate."

Al Sheppard's private clientele included other judges and lawyers, government officials (foreign and domestic), high-profile securities investors, Hollywood celebrities, sports promoters, and thousands of people he believed were wrongfully accused of crimes.

In 1995, Al Sheppard passed away after his final courageous fight... against cancer.

He left behind a proud legacy, including the current principals of Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm.


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