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Mediation, Arbitration And Dispute Resolution: Avoiding Litigation

Mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution help conflicting parties settle their differences relatively quickly, privately and often less expensively than litigating their cases in court. At Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm, our attorneys take an approach that emphasizes prompt, independent, creative and practical solutions to legal disputes.

To find out if mediation or arbitration might be the best option for you, schedule a consultation by calling our law offices in San Francisco at 415-296-0900.

The Mediation Or Arbitration Process Can Help Resolve A Wide Range Of Disputes

Our lawyers aid in the settlement negotiations of parties involved in many different types of legal disputes. Our ultimate goal is to resolve these conflicts without the parties having to bear the burden and expense of a long, draining, drawn out trial.

We provide both the forum and location for the parties to come together in an effort to achieve an amicable and mutually agreeable solution to their disputes. We provide an impartial, third-party facilitator the parties can trust. Our mediators do not take sides during the negotiations, nor will they disclose confidential information. The mediators preserve the integrity of the proceedings in all ways.

Besides being a respected private mediator, our firm’s senior partner, Robert Sheppard, is a private arbitrator as well as a court-approved arbitrator and has presided over dozens of private arbitrations and approximately 500 settlement conferences and trials as a “pro tem” judge in the San Francisco courts.

Contact us if you would like to explore having Robert mediate or arbitrate your case.

Contact Us To Learn More About Alternative Dispute Resolution

To learn more about our mediation and arbitration services, call us at 415-296-0900. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message promptly. We have experience across a diverse range of practice areas including business law, landlord-tenant disputes and personal injury claims.

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