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Robert J. Sheppard:

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Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm:

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Personal Testimonials

Dear Bob:

I’m writing to thank you for the amazing job you did in mediating the settlement of the case.

As you know, the case had many factual and legal complications as well as difficult insurance coverage issues. These were compounded by a great deal of animosity between the parties. On top of everything else, the two prior mediations had failed.

Your tenacity and ability to quickly understand the legal, coverage and interpersonal dynamics and to keep the negotiations on track allowed the case to settle after 12 hours of negotiations. Despite the parties’ emotions and animosity, I’m convinced that the settlement was in the best interest of all parties, and that without the settlement, the case would have continued to be litigated in a very expensive and adversarial manner, culminating in a four or five-week jury trial. Regardless of the outcome, nobody would have really “won,” and of course, there was a possibility of a lengthy appeals process.

I think you are a fantastic mediator, and I can’t thank you enough for your great work.

Very truly yours,

Ann Rankin (HOA lawyer)
Oakland, CA

I want to express our gratitude for the excellent job you did in representing us. Your professionalism and counsel in every respect has been of the highest standard and is very much appreciated. During my professional career I worked with many attorneys, and you rank up there with the very best.

Larry and Robert Lee

I want to thank you, Robert, for all your support and cooperation. I am so glad I was recommended to your office, and I feel blessed being represented by your firm.

Eckhard Evers
(San Francisco landlord)

Dear Mr. Sheppard,

I want to thank you profoundly for a strong defense that you had given to me. I really appreciate your letter to the attorney. It was to the point and very strong.


Elena Erickson
(San Francisco tenant)

To Bob,

You have earned angel wing status in my book! Thank you so very much for your continued effort in this matter. God bless you all. I will definitely sleep good tonight with the results you obtained.

Karen Hernandez
(San Francisco landlord)



Thanks so much for all your hard work to help me out of what could have been a terrible mess. You were so understanding and brilliant. I send all my pals to you whenever they need the cavalry. Yippee!


Lynn Breedlove, San Francisco comedienne

Dear Mr. Sheppard:

Thank you for your effort to defend us in an automobile accident. Your expert guidance helped settle the lawsuit against us successfully and bring closure to this matter. We are especially impressed by your extreme professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the law, understanding of our concerns, and your compassion to get the best results for us.

You were incredibly hardworking and well-prepared for all the meetings. You were always on top of our case and provided timely updates and action plans in every step. Your tremendous support and brilliant approaches put us at ease throughout this difficult and complicated legal process.

You are more than a super lawyer. You are an excellent communicator, an exceptional strategist, and a superb negotiator. We really appreciate your top-notch service and would recommend you to anyone seeking legal counsel. You are the best!


The Lau Family
San Francisco

A testimony of the fine work of Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm:

To anyone who may ever need the legal services of a fine landlord/tenant rights law firm, I highly recommend Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm.

I am the poster boy for tenants’ rights and landlord issues! After having a commercial photography business in the South Park area of San Francisco for nearly 20 years, I have needed defensive help on three separate occasions. One of which put me on the cover of the Chronicle, by being the victim of a 400% rent increase. Dot-com greed made my rent go from $2,500 a month to $13,000. That kind of news causes one to walk on “pins and needles”, to be sure.

The Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm put me at ease on all occasions. They carefully and clearly examined leases. Interpreted the law. Explained my rights. And heard my issues in a most caring and earnest manner. This exchange of proactive knowledge, of the complicated changing laws of San Francisco, is the kind helpful confidence one gets from hiring Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm.

But most importantly, my case never went to court!

It appears to me that fairness and the knowledge of the law are the ingredients of successful lease issue problem solving.

And of course, knowing the best lawyers to retain!

Most gratefully,

Douglas Sandberg

Dear Bob:

Thank you so much for your superb assistance! Your legal expertise is unsurpassed! Our simple case was fraught with numerous difficulties; however, you deftly handled every challenge with such finesse.

You successfully obtained the desired outcome — the complaint dismissed, rent decreased, and our maintaining our unit according to our timeline.

We’re certain you’ve heard this before, “You are the consummate attorney!” Always conducting yourself with such tact and professionalism! Your humor actually made our encounter in the legal world a fun affair.

We will never forget your mastery in deposing both of the witnesses for the plaintiff. Perry Mason has nothing over you. (In fact, you would provide an interesting character for a television series.)

You will always be our attorney — although we hope not to have to utilize your services in the near future. Again, our sincere gratitude for all your assistance!

All the best to you! We do hope that your integrity and intellect will be recognized, and we will be addressing you as “Your Honor.”

Please let us know if you ever visit Hawaii. We would love to share the islands with you and your family. And as we say back home —

Mahalo nui loa,

George Massengale
Pacifica CA

Dear Mr. Sheppard,

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for all your time and efforts on our behalf in achieving an impressive settlement. How glad we are to learn that the toiling time will soon be through! We couldn’t have been released from the lease obligations without your expertise and professionalism.


The happy Chens (Yolanda Wu)

Re: Robert J. Sheppard, Esq.
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing at this time to describe Robert J. Sheppard’s skills as a mediator. I first met Bob 15 years ago when we were on opposite sides of a personal injury case. He represented multiple plaintiffs, and I represented the building owner defendant. I had never used him as a mediator until May 14, 2002 of this year.

The case involved the sale of a restaurant. I represented the seller who changed his mind after signing the Agreement of Sale. The buyers sorely wanted specific performance and the business broker participated seeking his commission. In other words, this was a multiparty contentious mediation.

The Agreement of Sale made mediation a precondition for binding arbitration. Quite frankly, I never anticipated that the case would settle at mediation. However, thanks to Bob’s communication skills (both verbal and listening) as well as his quick grasp of the issues, the case did settle at the four-hour mediation.

Bob showed great patience with my client and never acted anything other than professional. His knowledge of real estate and contract law inured to the benefit of both parties in brokering the settlement. When I first started practicing, I was told the definition of a “good settlement” (i.e. when both parties are unhappy) and I can attest that Robert J. Sheppard is a great mediator and that on May 14th he helped achieve a “good settlement.”

I know that I will use Mr. Sheppard in the future as a mediator or arbitrator. Should you have any questions about Mr. Sheppard’s role in achieving the settlement, please do not hesitate to call or write.

Very truly yours,

Matthew Wertheim
Attorney at Law

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Robert J. Sheppard

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have been a practicing attorney in California for more than 20 years. In August 2003, Mr. Sheppard acted as a neutral mediator in a matter in which I represented one of the litigants. The case involved numerous issues of law and fact and the litigants were hostile to each other.

Mr. Sheppard was extremely skillful in facilitating the mediation process and in identifying and helping to resolve the issues in dispute. The mediation session lasted approximately six hours. At the end of the day, the parties resolved the dispute and entered into a binding settlement agreement as a direct result of Mr. Sheppard’s efforts.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sheppard as a mediator.

Sincerely yours,

B. Scott Levine

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Robert J. Sheppard

Bob Sheppard is a dynamic mediator who gets the job done. Bob is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of real estate and landlord/tenant law; but would be great mediating any case. He has tremendous people skills, enthusiasm, and incisive analytical ability which he brings to bear on each and every case that he mediates. With Bob’s help, I have settled some important six-figure cases; and know that I’m always in good hands with him as our mediator. Whatever the outcome in a case he mediates, I know that I will get the best possible exposition of the issues and tireless dedication; and, equally important, the cases always seem to settle! He is very effective as a mediator. He is also a real pleasure to work with.

Very truly yours,

R. Stephen Goldstein

To Whom It May Concern:

Two days ago, my happy life in San Francisco was over. My husband, our 16 year-old cat, and I had been evicted from our rent controlled apartment of 22 yrs. We went to the Housing Rights Committee, the Tenants’ Union, and the Eviction Defense Collaborative, and we called a committee recommended lawyer who very rudely hung up on us, and I called another real estate lawyer; nothing, we were without hope. We were told by everyone that it was over. Then, at the 11th hour, we were introduced to a highly skilled, well-connected, knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer.

Robert Sheppard listened to our story then began writing on a chalk board. He gave us four scenarios of how he could work things, we picked one, then he went to work. Within five minutes, he had a return call from the landlady’s lawyer. He was on a golf course and had been avoiding me for days. Listening to Bob lay it all out to that man was poetry. Long story short, Bob typed up a letter right then and there. We left the office after 7:00 p.m., but long into the night he prepared the rest of the paperwork needed to get us back into our home. Within 23 hours, the landlady’s lawyer hand delivered our apartment keys back to us! He actually walked into Bob’s office and shook my hand. It was the first time in 30 years that he had reversed an eviction. It was a miracle.

Bob Sheppard should be on the top of your lawyer referral list. Though he may be a bit more expensive than some of your other referrals, hiring him was the difference between going home or being homeless. The rent money we will save by being back in our rent controlled unit versus what would have been a much more expensive new place will more than make up for what we spent in lawyers fees. Also, we’re back in our home: there is no price I can put on that.

The fact that Bob represents landlords as well as tenants is precisely why he can be such an effective advocate for tenants. He knows the people on the other side and can therefore more easily persuade and work with them. He’s definitely a good guy. I truly believe he enjoyed helping us, and he has an excellent track record of getting large settlements for tenants. I truly believe he cares. Need help with a tenant/landlord dispute: call Bob Sheppard, 415-296-0900.


C.D. Kiddoo
San Francisco, CA

Dear Bob:

We had quite a journey over the past two years, enduring plenty of ups and downs. In the end, however, we prevailed, making it all worth it. I sincerely thank you for your tireless efforts on my behalf. You took me into the “family” from the very first time I walked into your office. Never once, throughout the entire case, did I feel like anything but your most valued client. I didn’t know if you’d show up at either the early settlement conference or the mandatory, but you made sure to be at both, and were a formidable force. As things heated up and I began to lose my nerve, you were there to reassure, and then redouble the fight for my case. I will always remember the final day and the starting figure which, over a couple of hours, you and Jeff managed to almost quadruple. As I rode Bart home, I imagined someone asking how I could get so much, and that my only response would be: I had really good lawyers.

This was something new and quite different for me. Yes, I’m glad it’s over, but it’s over in my favor, and that has given me both monetary and emotional vindication for having had to leave my home of nearly 20 years. For that relief and closure, I have you and Jeff to thank. I wish you the very best in what I am sure will continue to be an illustrious career. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful new offices which I hope will give you many years of enjoyment. It was great having you in my corner, a feeling that I’m sure will be shared by your future clients.

Very truly yours,

Christopher A. Moffat
Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Bob,

On behalf of my mother and myself, I just wanted to thank you personally for the support you provided to the two of us during the past two years in helping us successfully resolve our very difficult and painful family situation.

As you know, when we first came to you, both my mother and I were in quite a state of shock. Your soothing and confident manner quickly put us at ease. Your work in returning the deed to us in less than a month was phenomenal and your ongoing guidance, patience and understanding in the succeeding months allowed my mother to largely put her mind at rest as the twists and turns toward final resolution were encountered.

Of particular note was your ability to understand the situation and spare us as much as possible from unkind machinations from the other side, including, not the least, their last minute attempt to spring unwanted and time-consuming mediation on us.

I also personally appreciated your ability to “redirect” me on those couple of occasions when I suggested paths that were not in our ultimate best interest. This type of counsel was among the most needed of all.

I would also like to thank your support staff for their kindness and attention during our visits to your office. They made us feel welcome and appreciated during times when it seemed no one else did.

Thanks for giving us our house and lives back.

Paul Holton

Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm put me at ease. They heard my issues in a most caring and earnest manner.”
— San Francisco Business Owner

“Extraordinary efforts, immensely capable and tenacious advocates provided just the right encouragement and support.”
— San Francisco Banker

“The exchange of proactive knowledge, mastery of the complicated changing laws of San Francisco, is the kind of helpful confidence one gets from hiring Sheppard, Uziel & Hendrickson Law Firm.”
— San Francisco Entrepreneur

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