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Home sellers and buyers should know current codes

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Purchasing Real Estate, Selling Real Estate |

Real estate law can be complex for anyone, especially with the inherent difficulties with today’s market. This is especially true for popular areas in and around San Francisco. Those who are buying or selling property need to be up to date on various issues. This goes beyond picking a preferred area, securing financing, understanding the understated aspects of closing costs and being fully prepared for any challenge that might arise. It is wise to be ready and know how to address lingering problems to complete a purchase or sale and to be protected if wrongdoing has taken place.

New rule requires adherence to code for sewer lines prior to home sales

For people who are considering buying or selling a property in South San Francisco, a recent vote by the City Council makes it necessary that sewer lateral lines are brought to code before the transaction can take place. The sewer lateral lines are vital because they link the property’s drains and toilets to the sewer lines. According to its analysis, as many as one on three homes in the area are in danger of having problems. Because the sewer lateral lines can fail, people who unwittingly purchase a home without this and other aspects being up to legal code would need to foot the bill for repairs. The cost is said to be at least $15,000. There are concepts being floated such as connecting different homes to a single line to reduce costs. Homes that were built as much as five decades ago could need these repairs. Inspections are said to be lacking and a failure to repair could leave them vulnerable to a breakdown.

Codes are understated and imperative

This is just one example of an obstacle that can arise in a real estate deal. Others include problems with doing construction, being cognizant of property lines, zoning laws, requirements based on the location that were undisclosed and overt flaws in the property that make it unsafe or even unlivable. Given the popularity of the area and the number of technology workers who are moving to desired locations, the competition is fierce and people might purchase a property before gathering all the necessary information. For those who are selling, they might try to strike while the property values seem to be at their highest and ignore or forget their legal obligations.

Navigating challenging real estate concerns may require experienced help

The building codes and what is needed to make a sale legal can be a major source of consternation regardless of the perspective as a buyer or seller. This is a part of real estate law that might be viewed as a background issue, but is truly important for everyone involved. If there is a failure to adhere to the law, it can delay or outright sabotage a sale. People who purchased a home that the homeowner claimed to have been up to code could face costly repairs and need help with determining their recourse. Having guidance with the sometimes arcane or new areas of real estate law is key.